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With a team of experienced professionals and a range of advanced fire safety solutions, we are your trusted partner in safeguarding your property, employees, and visitors.


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Fire Protection

Fire protection is a crucial and legally mandated requirement for all commercial properties. At KH Fire Protection in Dalkeith, Edinburgh & The East of Scotland, we have the expertise and comprehensive knowledge of all relevant rules and regulations. Our services ensure you, your staff, and your visitors remain safe and compliant. From clear signage to fire extinguishers, blankets, alarm systems, and fire doors, we provide solutions designed to mitigate fire risks and minimize damage if an incident occurs.

Fire Safety Experts

Our extensive range of fire protection services ensures that your commercial premises meet all safety regulations and standards, safeguarding your property, staff, and visitors. We adhere to both the BS5306-3 & BS5306-8 guidelines.

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Fire Blankets

Constructed from durable materials, these blankets can swiftly smother flames, providing quick and effective fire control. In the event of a minor fire, using a fire blanket helps prevent the spread of flames and keeps the situation manageable. Easy to use and essential for any business property, our fire blankets ensure you can respond to fires promptly and efficiently.

FIRE Detection

We specialise in advanced fire detection systems that provide early warnings to safeguard your property. Our state-of-the-art technology swiftly detects smoke, heat, or flames, allowing for prompt fire control measures and evacuations. By installing our reliable fire detection systems, you can minimize potential damage and reduce risks to both property and occupants.

Fire Extinguisher Equipment

At KH Fire Protection Ltd, we offer a diverse range of fire extinguishing tools tailored to various fire scenarios. Our equipment is carefully selected to tackle different fire types, from foam extinguishers for flammable liquid fires to CO2 extinguishers for electrical fires. Our BAFE-qualified engineers are available to help you choose the right extinguishing equipment to ensure you are well-prepared for any fire emergency.

FIRE Hose Reels

In fire emergencies, our expertly installed fire hose reels provide a controlled and dependable water flow to quickly extinguish flames. Conveniently located for easy access, these reels are essential for effective fire response. Our professional team ensures that your fire hose reels are correctly installed and maintained, guaranteeing they are fully functional and ready for use in critical situations.

Safety Signs

Effective emergency response relies on clear and strategically placed safety signs. We offer a wide range of informative safety signs that guide occupants to exits, fire assembly points, and firefighting equipment. Our signs not only meet regulatory standards but also serve as vital tools in emergencies, helping individuals make informed decisions to ensure their safety.